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3PL Warehouse Management Company


This 3PL business needed a way to parse information on a monthly basis from thousands of emails based on keywords defined by the client and header information in order to quickly identify potential partners for the company’s future strategies.


Scalesology used Python to ingest and parse header, body, and signature information from email messages provided by the client stored in Mbox format. We also flagged messages that included keywords and assigned a level of importance to each email. The results were stored in a database table.

To surface the information to the 3PL client, Scalesology developed a serverless web application in AWS that utilized S3, Lambda, API Gateway, and Postgres RDS services that enable them to:

  • Search emails based on keywords

  • Search emails based on levels of importance defined by the client

  • Select and sort the fields that were displayed on the screen

  • Download the results in a CSV or Excel format


Providing the client a web application with an easy-to-use interface and search capabilities saved the 3PL company significant time and effort every month because they no longer had to manually review the hundreds of emails one-by-one on a monthly basis to extract those of high importance. In addition, there were negligible operational costs to maintain the web application because it was serverless.

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