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This community bank was unable to get timely access to meaningful data concerning their bank operations and customers resulting in stagnant growth.   


Key performance indicators (KPIs) were defined from multiple diverse data sources from the bank’s consumer & commercial banking division and back office operations. Using these KPIs, a comprehensive, easy-to-use business intelligence portal was created for the bank:

  • Dashboards displayed data by bank location, division and overall.  

  • Role level security was enabled so only authorized personnel had access based on their role within the bank.  


The bank could better isolate and set up thresholds and alerts for critical information that was holding back their growth.  Items like consumer load yield vs. risk ratios, consumer and commercial loan closing cycle time and customer satisfaction scores were consolidated and available in one system, which made it easier to view all the bank’s assets and key data as well as drill down to find specific detailed information.  The easily accessible reports within one system jumpstarted the growth of the bank, which made them an attractive target for acquisition from a larger bank a few years later.

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