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Hedge Fund

In the wake of numerous information security incidents brought on by organizational vendors, such as SolarWinds and Kaseya, a hedge fund decided to review the risk imparted to it by its IT vendors. The fund wisely recognized that many projects outside of the IT department – such as security cameras and conference room improvements for video teleconferencing – have information security implications, so these vendors were also included. This meant that numerous projects and vendors needed to be reviewed, and the fund had a very small IT team for doing so.



The Scalesology Team worked in tandem with the fund’s IT team to assist the Hedge Fund to catching up with their large backlog of assessments.  Scalesology’s unique combination of information security and application development expertise was critical to success of the project.  The Scalesology team alone handled most of the projects that required custom code development.


After six months, the fund had caught up on its backlog of third-party risk assessments, something that would have taken much longer and would have blocked some of their current projects without the additional expertise Scalesology was able to provide.

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