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Scalesology named Most Promising Big Data Services Company by CIOReview

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

In the data-empowered era, organizations are harnessing the power of big data to supercharge innovation and build thriving businesses. From sales pipelines to social media engagement, businesses across industries are collecting all kinds of facts and stats to drive fundamental changes to take their operations to the next level.

While significant investments in data-driven technologies enable organizations to fuel growth, merely capturing and processing the massive data pool at their disposal is not enough. It is imperative for organizations to implement the right technology to gain relevant insights that allow them to scale.

This is where Scalesology makes a difference, combining its practical business knowledge, analytical mindset, and advanced software engineering experience to deliver innovative and scalable solutions.

A technology agnostic consulting company, Scalesology empowers organizations by solving complex data and technology problems through leveraging innovative strategies, process automation, modern apps, and analytic frameworks.

“Our unique proposition is that we securely handle every aspect of a company’s business data and analytics journey by developing web applications to collect data, building data lakes to centralize data, and creating analytic models to deploy valuable insights to drive ROI,” says Ken Scales, CEO at Scalesology.

Scalesology assists clients through their entire data life cycle process, from collecting the right data, processing it, and analyzing it to gaining insights that make the business more efficient.

End-to-End Solutions for Business Growth

To transform businesses and improve their bottom line, Scalesology offers various services, including technology needs assessment, custom software development, application integration, data and analytics, information security services, DevOps and cloud services, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website compliance audit.

Scalesology often comes across clients who are using legacy systems and software that do not help their business scale and are not sufficiently secure. In these cases, the company performs an extensive technology needs assessment to understand the different processes they have in place, the gaps in the current environment, and to identify the capabilities and limitations of proposed technologies, discerning the best path forward.

After multiple interviews with key stakeholders, Scalesology lays down a complete plan of the client’s processes and their integration with the technology in use. The company identifies areas that need improvement and recommends commercial off-the-shelf solutions, such as CRM, ERP, POS systems or a custom-built application.

In the case of custom solutions, Scalesology integrates and implements the right technology for business growth. With Scalesology’s custom software development services, clients get to leverage a custom application built to simplify the data collection and interpretation process. The company offers its clients solutions for small applications that need to be changed to complete enterprise-level systems. Scalesology’s team provides multiple options to the client and walks them through the benefits of each.

For example, Scalesology built a custom web application for a large 3PL company that was struggling with complicated, legacy spreadsheets. The custom web application introduced a linear workflow structure that aligned the creation of an estimate to the company’s sale process. In addition, Scalesology integrated the data from the new custom application to a third-party shop floor solution, allowing for a seamless flow of information between systems.

Some Scalesology clients have the right system to collect the data, but the data is siloed within the application. With this type of business challenge, Scalesology offers its expert application integration services, where the company crafts and implements a plan to merge and optimize data and workflows between disparate applications.

In one instance, the combination of Scalesology’s technology needs assessment, custom software development, and application integration services was crucial for a truck parts manufacturer that wanted to streamline their order collection and inventory management process. The client received orders from multiple sources, such as ecommerce websites, emails, and phone calls, and the legacy systems they had in place hindered scalability.

They were forced to enter the same data multiple times in their CRM, financial, and shipping systems. After a technology needs assessment, Scalesology built a middleware application for the client and integrated it with their various systems to eliminate data re-entry. The application collected all the order information and entered it simultaneously into all the systems, streamlining the entire process. As a result, the client achieved an 85 percent growth in their revenue and soon had to double their warehouse space to manage the increasing demand for their products.

Data-Driven Proven Processes for Delivering Results

At the heart of each of Scalesology’s services, data remains a crucial component driving competitive advantages. Clients are provided the right analytical framework to harness the true power of data to create executive dashboards using business intelligence, driving strategic decision-making and improving operational efficiency.

One of its clients, a used cooking oil recycling company, was able to experience the true benefits of data after leveraging Scalesology’s services. The client used multiple applications while conducting its business of collecting oil and converting it into biofuel and fertilizer. Scalesology realized the need to create one centralized point for all the information and built a data lake to optimize performance. The company then created automated CI/CD pipelines to funnel all the information into the data warehouse system.

A part of the data was then processed by a new CRM system developed by the client with Salesforce. Using the remaining data, Scalesology created executive dashboards that provided reports for over 50,000 sites for used oil collection. It built predictive models using historical information to predict how much cooking oil can be collected from each location enabling the client to optimize their oil collection routes. Taking this process further, Scalesology built a random forest model to identify the likely routes and potential oil collection volume of prospective clients. Scalesology continue adding value as they identified potential high theft areas of oil using a geospatial clustering analysis.

“With our help, the client was able to predict where the cooking oil was going to be and route the trucks in an optimal way to ensure that each trip collected the maximum amount of oil from all the locations. This significantly reduced their transportation costs,” says Scales.

Security and Compliance Guaranteed

Scalesology realizes that a strong security backbone is critical for data-centered businesses. To ensure a secure environment for all its clients, Scalesology implements best-in-class security protocols to allow businesses to scale without the fear of cyber threats. The company recently acquired an information security company to expand and enhance its capabilities. With its Virtual Chief Information Security Officer service, Scalesology assists clients with risk assessments, business continuity, disaster recovery plans, and different processes to keep the data secure.

In addition, Scalesology’s DevOps and cloud services save clients the trouble of building, hosting, and maintaining software over long durations. Whether hosted on Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, Scalesology ensures development teams have the right processes to coordinate and unify software development in the cloud and enhance the cloud products.

Scalesology also ensures their clients’ website is ADA compliant, operable, and navigable for everyone through a series of accessibility tests and reports created in-house. The company’s ADA Website Compliance Audit is based on Version 2.1 Level AA, of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Where Modern Technology Meets Experience

By accumulating vast experience working with clients in different industries, Scalesology has the ability to look at data from a third-party perspective and visualize the big picture. The company’s team also specializes in identifying if clients have the data, insight, and technology they need to scale.

Over the years, Scalesology has collaborated with numerous companies in the healthcare, finance, retail, ecommerce, education, manufacturing, distribution, and utility sectors. Regardless of the industry, the company helps its clients make the data-driven choices that drive ROI.

Our core values are a big part of who we are as a company. We are committed to the cause, focus on the leading edge, treat our clients and colleagues the way we want to be treated, and believe in working hard and celebrating our success together,” says Scales.

The highly experienced team at Scalesology has been a key differentiator for the company. Backed by deep industry knowledge, the staff is adept at identifying the prevailing problems in the data analytics space. They are also well versed in the different regulations and standards for different industries.

To meet the growing demand for scalable technologies, Scalesology continues to expand its operations across the country and add more members to its team. It has a product in the pipeline to simplify the integration of web applications and streamline workflow. Scalesology is also set to launch a security risk assessment SaaS product that will enable organizations to follow a set pattern to conduct their own risk assessment.

Scalesology is committed to creating a truly unique experience empowering their clients with robust services that drive scaling organizations forward.


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