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Ensure your clients are compliant with ADA Website Certification 


If you and your team are designing, building and developing websites, but not taking ADA compliance into consideration, you may be in trouble. In 2021 alone, more than 11,450 ADA digital lawsuits were filed in United States. 



Reliable Reporting

See exactly what needs to change and how to fix your website.  


Flexible Fixing

Make updates yourself, or engage the Scalesology team.


Partner Portal

Keep track of your reports, clients and sites in our partner portal. 


Maintaining & Monitoring

Websites are rearely static so keep compliant with ongoing reviews.  

Go To Scalesology ADA Audit Portal

Partner with Scalesology to ensure your websites are meeting ADA standards.  Our audit process is streamlined in a three-step review, report, and certification process. Our Scalesology ADA Website Compliance Audit Report© provides your team with all the necessary information to easily make updates to website.  ADA certification will add value to your clients, increase your revenue and keeps your agency on the cutting edge. 

Third-Party Validation

Automated accessibility overlays can only detect about 20% to 30% of WCAG guideline failures  and at often give false positives.

Scalesology’s process involves a combination of both manual and automated accessibility testing to ensure that all issues are correctly identified.  Our ADA Website Compliance Audit is a series of accessibility tests that ensures your website is more operable and navigable for everyone. 

The audit is based on Level AA, version 2.1 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)  published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). 

Learn more about how we can partner to certify your websites.

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