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Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 21, 2022

Executive Summary

Scalesology is not in the business of collecting and selling your personal data. We collect as little Personal Data as necessary to operate our business and deliver our services to our customers. If you have concerns about how We might be using Your Personal Data, please contact us.


The following capitalized terms shall have the meaning defined in this section throughout this document.


You: The real person reading this policy, who provides any Personal Data to Us or one of Our Services.


Company (also “We”, “Us”, and “Our”): Scalesology, a business with a business address of 10 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 875, Chicago, IL 60606.


Service: Any product or service provided by Us, including Our public website, and customer-specific sites and services, unless governed by their own contract or posted privacy policy.


Country: Illinois, United States


Personal Data: Any data that may personally identify You, including Your name, email, IP address, unique device identifiers, personal identifiers such as social security number, drivers license number, passport number, usage information, health information, or biometric information.

Types of Data Collected

The specific types of data collected depend on what services you use.

If you use our public website, we collect IP address and usage information including referrals and cookies.


We do not explicitly collect Personal Data from our customers. However, We may process or be exposed to Personal Data on behalf of our customers, in which case we serve as the Data Processor, and the Customer serves as the Data Controller. That data is subject to the customer’s privacy policy, and we will act on it as dictated by the terms of our contract with the customer.


Use of Your Personal Data

The use of all Personal Data is limited to what is necessary to operate Our business and deliver Services to Our customers. The use of data from our public website is limited to understanding how You found our site, what services You are interested in, and navigated around the site such that We may improve our placement in search engine results, allow You to find information more easily on Our site, and offer You services You are interested in. Personal Data provided by customers is processed under the terms of our contract with that customer.


We do not sell Personal Data.

We retain Personal Data for two (2) years or whatever is specified in the governing customer contract.

Personal Data may be transferred to a third-party to enable our use of the data. Currently, the following third parties are used for the following types of Personal Data:

  • Google Analytics

  • MailChimp

  • Wix

Personal Data will also be included should the business be sold or transferred to a third-party. In such a case, direct notification will occur to the extent possible before any substantive change is made to this Privacy Policy.

Our site and services may contain links to or be linked from other third-party sites not listed above. Those sites are outside our control and are subject to their own Privacy Policies.

Personal Data may be disclosed to the court or law enforcement as required by law (such as in response to a search warrant), or when We have a reasonable belief that somebody is in imminent danger.

We protect your Personal Data following standard industry practices. While security cannot be completely guaranteed, we treat your Personal Data as if it were our own.


Your Rights

As your Personal Data is Yours, You have some fundamental rights surrounding it:


Right of Access

You have the right to ask what Personal Data we have on you. We assure You, it is not much. To find this, We will need to know what identifiers (such as name, email address, or IP address) it might be found by. We do not have a file on You, so this may take up to 30 days to respond. Only You or Your registered agent may make this request, We will need to verify Your identity, and requests are limited to twice per year. Such requests can be made via our contact form or email us at


Right to Correction and Deletion

If after accessing the Personal Data we have for you, you find that something requires correction or you wish the data to be deleted, please respond to the email notifying us of what action You would like Us to take. Requests can take up to 45 days to process.


Closely related to the Right to Deletion is the desire of many people to not be tracked on the Internet. Your browser may have a “Do Not Track” option, which as you are likely aware by now is generally not supported by most website server software. Instead, if you do not want to be tracked, we recommend browsing in Private or Incognito mode.

Our services are all intended for use by persons over the age of 13. If you believe your child has provided Personal Data to Us, please contact Us as above so we can delete it.

Right to Object

We do not use your Personal Data for automated decision making. If we did, you would have the right to object to this use.


Right of Non-Discrimination

Any choice you make about providing or not providing Personal Data will not affect our decision to do business with you.


Right to Lodge a Complaint

As a United States based firm, Company does not have a formal Data Protection Officer or Registered Agent in the EU. We do, however, take privacy very seriously and invite users to contact Us as described above in the Right of Access section with any privacy concerns You may have.

Contact Information

If You have any questions about this Privacy Policy, You can contact us:

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