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A leading bio-tech company sought to establish a robust data mart for their clinical trial data, enabling in-depth analysis. Additionally, they aimed to harness Business Intelligence (BI) tools for enhanced result visualization.


We integrated clinical trial data from diverse data files into a centralized data mart using a data pipeline built in Microsoft Azure. Comprehensive data quality checks were automated and conducted at key junctures to flag inconsistencies, including mismatches, duplicates, and constraint violations.


Subsequently, a sophisticated data model was implemented in Microsoft Power BI, interconnecting pivotal fields. Detailed reports were tailored to effectively present the clinical trials data. The initial data model adhered to a fact constellation schema, which was later upgraded to a snowflake schema in alignment with the company's evolving business requirements.



This data automation process, coupled with the implementation of BI tools, significantly reduced the data loading and transformation cycles. Consequently, it markedly enhanced data availability. The bio-tech company can now seamlessly focus on their clinical trial analysis through a unified dashboard, eliminating the need to reference disparate spreadsheets.

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