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Case Management Software Company

The Case Management Software Company (CMSC) wanted to ensure their software was secure, functioned according to design and was built using best practices as the company had a third-party company develop the software.  Additionally, CMSC wanted to determine if it was better to continue to enhance their software with a third-party company or to build a team in-house.    



Scalesology ran a penetration test with the scope being to evaluate the CMCS application from the underling architecture through running and testing the application to ensure the application was constructed properly and was secure from outside threat actors.


Scalesology tested the following sections during the penetration test:

  • Software Architecture

  • Deployment Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Configuration

  • Code Quality

  • Software Documentation

  • Potential external software vulnerabilities

  • Potential external infrastructure vulnerabilities

  • Potential internal software vulnerabilities

  • Potential internal infrastructure vulnerabilities


Through Scalesology’s testing process, Scalesology was able to determine if the application had any vulnerabilities or if improvements could be made to the code or functionality.  Scalesology then created a report detailing the test results as well as recommendations for the best course of action for the future of the CMCS application.    



With a detailed penetration test in hand, CMCS had validation from Scalesology that they could use to sure up any weaknesses in the application as well as a plan how to proceed with future development on the application.  CMCS can feel confident that their clients are using a reliable and secure application.    


Information Security Services

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