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Sure, there is an App for everything, but we all know that one App can't fit all your business needs. So what are your options? Actually you have many - from building a custom enterprise web application to building an add-on or mobile application to enhance the functionality of existing software. Whatever your situation, Scalesology builds custom web and mobile applications tailored to grow your business.


Enterprise Web Applications
Scalesology builds scaleable software using the latest frameworks and web development tools. This includes modernizing or augmenting your legacy systems to grow with your company needs.

  • Process: We use Agile Scrum methodology for our development process.

  • Modern Technologies: Single-page apps, serverless apps and architecture, responsive design, APIs, modular design, automated testing, WebSockets, and voice transcription.

  • Frameworks: React, node.js, express, Laravel, django, spring, Angular



Mobile Applications 

Let us help you strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty by building your mobile web application. Scalesology will bring your business to modern-day users using cost-effective and single source solutions.

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Build enterprise software or modernize legacy systems leveraging the full capabilities of cloud computing and open source technologies.

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