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Data Assets Protection Company


The Data Assets Protection Company (DAPC) is a service-based company that protects the personal data of individuals and families working with wealth advisors by detecting a breach or potential breach of their data by malicious actors and responding to rescue it.  DAPC hired Scalesology to test their security processes and systems by performing a penetration test to search for vulnerabilities and recommend implementing in security.



Scalesology performed a standard application penetration test on DAPC’s portal built by a third-party vendor as well as the internal DAPC’s storage vault.  Scalesology then tested the entire process DAPC used to collect the data to then store the data from their clients. 



After rigorous testing within a short amount of time, DAPC had answers if their system requirements were met as well as a better understanding of any vulnerabilities that needed to be addressed. As a result, DAPC can confidently trust that their clients will have a safe environment for their personal information. 


Information Security Services

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