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The US Department of Education created a grant program named Race To The Top (RTTT) to ask states to advance reforms around four specific areas:

  • Adopting standards and assessment that prepare students to succeed in college and the workplace to compete in the global economy

  • Build data systems that measure student growth and success, and inform teachers and principals about how they can improve instruction

  • Recruit, develop, reward, and retain teachers and principals

  • Turn around the lowest-achieving schools 

In response to RTTT, this state DOE needed to build a centralized portal to serve as a gateway to both the public and K-12 teachers and principals.  


Information from multiple data sources was combined into one data warehouse from which interactive dashboards were built. These dashboards provided the educators an integrated view of related metrics, drill down functionality, and custom reporting with the ability to export the information to excel, XML, CSV, TFF or PDF.


A centralized portal was created and provided a gateway of actionable dashboards, and predefined and customized reports utilized by the public and K-12 educators. The portal provided a foundation for future data growth and the information exchange to diverse stakeholders. 

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