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This Healthcare Office wanted to ensure their website was accessible to all their patients.  In addition, the Healthcare Office wanted to have a certification to safeguard against legal liabilities regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 


The Healthcare Office reached out to their trusted Website Design Company which in turn reached out to Scalesology.  Since the Website Design Company created the website, they thought it made sense to have an independent audit conducted on the website.    


Scalesology performed a comprehensive ADA audit according to Version 2.0 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The Scalesology ADA Website Compliance Audit Report © delivered high-level summaries and graphs, along with page-by-page descriptions that detailed a comprehensive view of the non-compliance issues. Additional suggestions and quick fixes were provided within the audit report in a code-ready format with accompanying images for the affected areas. 


The Website Design Company reviewed the report and made those changes to the website.  Scalesology then reaudited the appropriate pages and then certified the Healthcare Office website was ADA-compliant.



Scalesology’s audit report identified the modifications necessary to ensure that the Healthcare Office website adhered to the ADA website compliance standards.  The combination of a familiar Website Design Company staff and Scalesology’s ADA Website Compliance Audit Report certified that the Healthcare Office could proudly display that their website is accessible for all their patients.





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