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Public relations firms deal with a good amount of sensitive information. While their job may be to publicize information, that often entails holding that information before it is public and preparing it for release. Any sort of compromise to this data can cause serious securities and intellectual property issues for their clients. As such, a growing public relations firm was asked by a large multi-national client to undertake several information security initiatives to renew their contract.



The Public Relations Firm hired Scalesology to provide virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services to oversee their information security program. As a first step, we performed a comprehensive risk assessment of the firm’s information assets and developed a security strategy that took into account the risks, client requirements, and insurance requirements, balanced against cost. We then began to implement this strategy, which involved coordinating across all the employees to see that they understood their security responsibilities and why it was important.

Besides implementing the security strategy, Scalesology handles whatever information security tasks arise. The two most common tasks are employee questions and security questionnaires. Employee questions tend to revolve around things like, “I got this suspicious email, what should I do?” or “Have I been hacked?” Fortunately, with fast access to a Scalesology’s vCISO services, this firm has been able to address those questions before they became incidents. We have also been able to address security questionnaires from both the firm’s clients, as well as their cyber insurance provider.



With the Scalesology vCISO services, this public relations firm has been able to retain a major client, attract others, and maintain their cyber insurance in a difficult market.





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