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Scalesology Announces the Acquisition of BuboWerks

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

For Immediate Release.

CHICAGO, IL – January 4th, 2022 – Scalesology, a leading-edge data analytics and cloud software development consulting firm, is pleased to announce its acquisition of BuboWerks, an innovative data, cyber, and technology security company.

BuboWerks provides full-scope information security services, from high-level strategy and assessments through implementation and training across the entire business landscape. BuboWerks’ approach not only aligns with Scalesology’s methodology, but integrates seamlessly into Scalesology’s process of enhancing the performance and ROI of business’s technology solutions.

“The two most powerful and substantial emerging trends in technology are data analytics and information security," commented Ken Scales, CEO of Scalesology. “These two critical business functions work best when they are integrated together in seamless process, allowing the organization to rapidly scale in a secure manner. The acquisition of BuboWerks strengthens Scalesology’s ability to service our clients through their entire data analytics journey ensuring our clients scale securely with the right technology.”

Dr. Terry Brugger, CEO of Bubo Werks, expands stating, “Businesses today are driven by their data. It’s their competitive edge, their differentiator and their ability to compete. If you are a data driven organization, you don't want your strategic advantage walking out the door, falling in the wrong hands.”

Dr. Brugger will be joining the Scalesology team as their new Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer.

About BuboWerks

BuboWerks moves organizations across that spectrum to protect and secure their data, information and competitive advantage by applying decades of information security experience. In today’s landscape, every organization — from small local businesses through multinational enterprises — needs to think about information security.

About Scalesology

Scalesology is a data analytics and software development consulting firm that works with their clients to scale their processes, systems, data, analytics and information security to transform businesses and improve their bottom line. Being technology agnostic, Scalesology is focused on finding the right solution for their clients’ business needs, not trying to conform to a prescribed solution.


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