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Trust your gut; but verify your intuition with data insights.

Making decisions based solely on your gut feeling or intuition can lead to poor decision making that can cost you dearly. Here are few items to consider why using data insights along with a bit of your gut feeling, leads to better decisions.

  • Subjectivity: Gut feelings can be skewed by experience, emotions, and personal biases. Adding the element of data insights into the decision-making process leads to objectivity.

  • Complex decisions need to be validated: Sure, a simple straight forward problem can be made by gut feel based on experience. However, do you really want to make a complex decision that involves multiple variables with several possible options that will affect several individuals? No, of course not – you need data insights to ensure you make the right decision.

  • Lack of Consistency: Gut feelings can be inconsistent, and relying on them might lead to inconsistent decision-making over time. What feels right in one situation might not feel the same way in another, even if the circumstances are similar.

Bottom line: Trust your gut through verifying you are making the right decisions by using data insights to guide you. Need help getting those insights from data? Contact us at Scalesology and together let’s ensure your company scales with the right data insights and technology.


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