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Organizations are concerned about the information security risks that vendors bring to their enterprise and have begun requiring vendor risk assessments on all their vendors Our client has been the web manager for a $10B company’s product line for several years.  Even though they had a long-term relationship they still were required to complete a vendor risk assessment to continue working for the company. 



The Web Manager turned to Scalesology to help figure out how to navigate the significant ask from their client. Besides simply responding, the Web Manager wanted to ensure that they were following best practices. In particular, the biggest risk for the Web Manager’s system is compromised, and that in turn is used to gain unauthorized access to the client’s website. Scalesology worked with the Web Manager to ensure that their computing environment was following best practices, and that the appropriate procedures were in place; Then Scalesology tackled the vendor risk assessment questionnaire from their client ensuring that all the right information about security measures and onboarding procedures were documented to ensure compliance from their client



The web manager was able to respond to her client’s vendor risk assessment in a timely manner and provide them with the assurance they needed to retain their services.





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