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Software Solutions Provider

This Software Solutions Provider has a data software platform that enables organizations to perform data analysis on massive stores of richly connected data.  As this Software Solutions Provider shifted from delivering an on-premise solution to one in the cloud, they knew they needed to take a holistic approach to understanding and plugging up any vulnerabilities to their software platform.



Scalesology conducted a risk assessment focusing on the potential vulnerabilities of the software within a cloud environment.  Scalesology meticulously went through the platform architecture and cloud infrastructure following a comprehensive approach to identify potential risks from both industry and global emerging threats. 


Scalesology created a risk assessment and a security strategy report with actionable insights on risks and threats along with proposed activities to mitigate those threats.  The Software Solutions Provider was able to apply Scalesology’s recommendations immediately to ensure an appropriate level of security for their software code and IT infrastructure.  This Software Solutions Provider used these reports as the foundation for the development of their information security program, which has been instrumental in assuring a secure cloud environment.  The successful and secure migration into the cloud enabled the company to retain current clients and to continue their expansion of new clients.  


Information Security Services

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