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Utility Company


This utility company, offering both electricity and water, is servicing the one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. This utility company needed help with their data ingestion and forecasting utility and water usage. The Utility company need to better predict electric utilization so they could buy electric at the best possible price as well as they had trouble with tracking down excess water usage. Excess water usage could be from leaks, water theft or illegal watering of lawns during drought conditions.


Scalesology worked on specific tasks for short duration projects. Projects including creating data integration flows using SAS, migration, and redeployment of python scripts to production servers and technical writing of documented processes and workflows.


By completing numerous data integration and automation processes, the Utility company could focus on gaining insights from their data critical to the operations of the utility such as predicting electricity utilization and tracking down leaks and water left within the community.  


Data and Analytics

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