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Manufacturing and Distribution Company


This Manufacturing and Distribution Company was hampered by a legacy accounting, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software applications that were inadequate to handle their growing nationwide distribution and stores across the United States.


Scalesology conducted a software assessment to determine the best software that would enable the company to enhance their operational processes used to conduct everyday business. Scalesology conducted the following activities during the software assessment:


  • Reviewed the operational activities as related to manufacturing, distribution, management, and online and brick & mortar stores

  • Interviewed stakeholders in all operational aspects of the business (manufacturing, distribution, management, and stores)

  • Reviewed current software applications/systems in place

  • Created a software assessment document detailing all viable technology solutions and recommendations

  • Conducted meetings with the Manufacturing and Distribution Company’s executive team to review findings, create alignment and discuss recommendations

  • Conducted product demonstrations interviews with recommended software vendors so that the Company could see the product and along with Scalesology could determine the right fit for company operations.

  • Collaborated with Company to determine Vendor software pricing and implementation plan for software installation and Company onboarding of the application   


Now this Manufacturing and Distribution Company can begin scaling their business without the concerns that their accounting, CRM, and ERP system can handle their increased workload as they grow.


Technology Needs Assessment

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