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This 3PL Packing-Distribution Company was reliant on a complicated multi-tabbed spreadsheet for developing estimates.  Due to the proprietary nature of the calculations within the spreadsheet, only a limited number of individuals were able to have access to the spreadsheet causing a bottleneck for getting out estimates to current and potential clients.  In addition, the spreadsheet was freezing due to the age of the file and the complexity of the calculations over multiple worksheets within the spreadsheet.   


Scalesology built a web application to replace the spreadsheet utilizing React, AWS Cognito, and AWS Amplify. The web application streamlined the 3PL Packing-Distribution Company estimating process by creating a linear workflow structure aligning the creation of the quotes with their sales process.  Salespersons now had an easy interface to create quotes.  Management now had an easy interface to track which quotes were in the pipeline and at what stage in the process.  The web application produces a PDF quote that can be sent to the client via email from within the application.


Another benefit of the web application is its ability to connect the data between applications utilizing API’s.  The application resides within AWS in a serverless architecture employing Lambda functions and Cognito to handle user authentication.  The application automates the flow of data between the 3PL Packing & Distribution Company and Nulogy, a third-party shop floor application.


With the Scalesology web application the 3PL Packing-Distribution Company now has a robust-streamlined estimating process and no longer must rely on a slow MS Excel file that creates a bottleneck for growth.  In addition, employees no longer must enter information into the shop floor system (Nulogy) since the data from the estimates automatically are uploaded into the system, which saves the company an enormous amount of time.   Bottom line, the quoting bottlenecks are gone propelling the company to its highest top-line revenue to date





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