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Updated: 5 days ago


Insurance claims processing can be complex, especially when data is pulled from a variety of sources. This Insurance Claims Solutions Provider (ICSP) had been generating Excel reports using multiple sources, but they wanted to improve their efficiency by transitioning to real-time dashboards in their claims processing and IT departments.


To build the real-time dashboards, Scalesology developed a data pipeline that utilized RingCentral, Workday, JIRA, 2 custom claims processing applications, Python Framework, GitHub, GitHub Actions, and AWS services (EC2, S3, and RDS). By combining these tools, a daily update process was created that pushed all data into a cloud-based warehouse, which then integrated and summarized the data for their dynamic dashboards.

Scalesology developed Power BI dashboards tailored to match the client’s needs, with specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) included. The dashboards were designed to accommodate a historical view with disconnected data tables and slowly changing dimensions. These design features allowed users to analyze past trends and track the current response times and efficiency of their services.



The dashboards have brought numerous benefits to the ICSP, including displaying Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and reports that don't impact the computing performance of production systems, an analytical data warehouse perfect for modeling and future analytical initiatives, a scalable data ingestion process accommodating new and current data sources, and finally, automation of manual report generation. By creating dynamic dashboards updated every day, management now enjoys greater visibility over critical business KPI’s in their claims processing and IT service management areas.​





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