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This Truck Parts Manufacturer was entering the same data into multiple systems.  They were getting bogged down creating package bundles in Amazon and eBay only to have to retype the same information into their Zoho CRM system, and then QuickBooks Financial system and then finally into multiple shipping carriers for distribution.  The multiple entry process opened the company up to errors within their data as well as the inability to scale the business.   


Scalesology built an application to connect the data between applications utilizing API’s.  The application resides within AWS in a serverless architecture employing Lambda functions and Cognito to handle user authentication.  The application automates the flow of data between Amazon and eBay storefronts into a Zoho CRM application and then sends the data into QuickBooks Online for record keeping and then off to the appropriate shipping carrier.

In addition to the data integration between applications, The Truck Parts Manufacturer needed a more seamless way to create product bundles between eBay and Amazon.  Scalesology created a new web application within a React framework that uses Amazon Cognito user pools to handle user registration and authentication and Amplify to handle the serverless backend.  



Now this Truck Parts Manufacturer has an automated data flow from when they take an order to when they load the parts on the trucks. They no longer have the constraints of multiple data entry.  The bundle creator web application has simplified how they create product bundles on Amazon and eBay. 

These key changes have helped increase sales output by 85%.  The Truck Parts Manufacturer has had to double their warehouse to keep up with orders as they keep on growing.





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